Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Hitchin Bid had asked Hitchin Stitchin' to participate in the Hitchin Easter Egg Hunt, by providing 10 Easter Bunnies. Several members of the group promised a bunny, so I thought I would challenge myself to learn something new.

I bought a kit from Woolly Chic (member of Hitchin Stitchin')

Never having knitted a toy before, I was thrilled with my first attempt at Woolly Chic's Rabbit Kit.

As the deadline approached, I lost contact with the group due to prolongued illness. I took Riley Rabbit into Hitchin Bid's new premises in Churchyard, and discovered that there were very few bunnies on their way to take part.

My second attempt was less successful, due in no small part to different yarn than that included in the kit.

Add to that a broken darning needle and this is more like Piglet than Rabbit.

He does, however, have a carrot.

I have Rabbit number three on the needles, in grey. He (or she, haven't decided yet) may be finished just in time to take part in the Easter celebrations, joining this pair.

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