Saturday, 9 May 2015

Flying Solo

My first piece of weaving done without any help (apart from MWNN helping to assemble the loom and winding the warp onto the rear beam), isn't too bad.

Flying Solo   was done as a test piece, but ir really is ok as something to wear in Spring and Autumn.

Despite it 'failing' the warp snap test during the workshop, I used Posh Elinor sock for both warp and weft.

The resulting scarf is light and airy, with a very open weave, uneven in places. The selve edges also were  not straight, until a fter soaking and drying. The scarf  magically sorted itself out. The selve edges are mch neater and the uneven weaving  settled into a lovely random pattern, thanks to the colours of the Posh Elinor.