Sunday, 7 February 2010

Wild Mountain Thyme

So I knitted and knitted and weighed and calculated and then knitted some more. And it’s finished. I love it soooooo much and don’t think I’ll bother blocking it much, if at all.

It's the Saroyan pattern that I was going to knit in aran weight. This version is in Posh Yarn Cashmere Club's February consignment called 'Burns Night. The colours shout 'heather and highlands'.

It's 100% cashmere and is soooooo soft. A hand-knitted scarf from the Scottish Tartan shop would cost over £100. This cost about 1/10th the price and just over 12 hours work.

I shall wear it with my new aubergine-coloured jacket (pictured here) in honour of my Scottish-born gt.grandma Dunne.

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