Monday, 31 March 2008

I was tempted

on Sunday evening, and bought some more Posh Yarn.

Laura 4ply, merino and cashmere mix in colour 'Wine'

Laura 4 ply, merino and cashmere mix in colour 'London Bus'

So I thought I'd better get cracking with the knitting of the stash I have already. I couldn't get the colours right in the photos I took, no matter what setting I used on the camera.

I'm fairly pleased with the progress of the red lacy party scarf, though I need lots of rest-knitting between sessions of counting the pattern for it.

I'm even more pleased with the new triangular scarf in 2ply variegated yarn, using a new (to me) stitch called 'eye of the partridge'. The photo doesn't do it justice but the colours fairly zing using this stitch. It's so easy I had to go out earlier today to buy 3mm circular needles as I couldn't fit any more stitches on the straight ones.

I haven't been neglecting the other knitting, either. I finished another hat in that gorgeous Harvest colour (one for me, this time), and I'm already 3/4 the way through one in The equally lovely Meadow colour. I'm cracking along with a cushion cover (requested by MWNNM to protect a batik cushion made by The Daughter when she was a child.

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