Friday, 15 February 2008

Today I be mainly tired

I missed Ashes to Ashes last night because I forgot it was on and got back from the knitting group when it was half-way through. I shall have to watch it on 'catch-up TV' if I can persuade the digibox to co-operate. It's displaying 'programme details unavailable' on all channels at the moment.

  • I ripped out 48 inches of the shawl I'm knitting for myself and started again, because stocking stitch does not work IMO.

  • I took my sore eye to show the pharmacist when I picked up my meds this morning. She sold me some eye cream that makes the eye a bit blurry - and it's still sore.

  • I drove MWNN to the airport this morning as he is needed in Dublin as there is yet another Irish-outlaws' crisis.

  • I sent the Monet shawl that was destined for The Daughter to Ireland with MWNN. Now I have to decide what sort, if any, to knit as a replacement.
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