Friday, 8 February 2008


This evening, I finished knitting a new project using circular needles, which I have never used before. It's virtually impossible to see how a pattern is progressing because all the knitting is scrunched into a sleeve shape until it's cast off the needles.

It was a miserable, mis-shapen, mess. I don't understand it. I followed the pattern faithfully, unpicked rows and rows when my knitting while chatting, like my driving, went onto autopilot and I forgot to perl. (NB No it wasn't your fault, Gill, the pattern didn't work after the first 5 inches.)

There's only one thing for it - I'm ripping it all out and starting again on an easier pattern on straight needles. But I need a pair of size 9s and the largest I have is an 8. I also need a crochet hook to attach the fringing.

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