Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Flower Bag number 5

Having worked out the construction of the bag, I'm now tinkering with the finishing touches.

Bag rear

This bag has amber-coloured handles, so I wanted to create a flower that would include the colours from the amber and the bag itself. I have some Posh Yarn (Pamela, 4ply with sparkle) which made a lovely curled flower cup for the covering on the rear clasp.

I stitched the 'stamens' in the same pearl grey cotton yarn used for the main colour.

Bag front

For the front, I wanted a larger flower. I designed a two-piece bloom in the same Posh Pamela yarn, and finished it off with a shell button, the same colour as the pearl grey yarn.

Picking up stitches for the handle straps was difficult and did not work well. I embroidered an abstract design in the cotton yarn used for the base, to create a more even line on the front.

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