Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Not Knitting, but Weaving

Footstool Cover

This effect creates a yarn that resembles brown leather.
Thus combining the lightness of cotton with the appearance of leather. The leather effect is very stable over repetitive washes. Craft: knitting, crochet
Brand: UniqueYarnsCo
Yarn weight: Worsted
Blend: 100% cotton
Yardage: 55 g (1.9 oz) / 98.2 m (107.3 yds)

Unique Yarns 

Worsted / 10 ply (9 wpi)

3 skeins



unique yarns

Using 8 dent heddle and warping 18”
Weaving a 20” x 18” piece to re-cover an old footstool, whose fabric was rotting. Using cotton ribbon yarn for the first time. It was difficult to warp and even more difficut to weave, as the ribbon won’t stay flat. 10” in and it’s looking ok now. It’s giving an open weave so I shall knit an under-cover in worsted wool. This should prevent the cream canvas footstool top from grinning through.

Cotton ribbon was not a good choice. I eventually lost the tension on some warp threads, with no easy way to restore it. Hemming was easy, but once the fabric was off the loom, it began to slacken. It’s in danger of unraveling. I’m not sure it will be worth the effort to make this piece into the footstool cover. The ‘ladder’ caused by the loose warp is very visible, as is the change of dye batches at the side.

After soaking and wet blocking, I decided to hem the raw edges, using wonderweb and bias binding. 

I fixed it to the footstool, using upholstery tacks, and slip stitched to the canvas underneath for a neat finish. It’s OK for a first attempt.

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