Monday, 10 July 2017

Learn to knit a flower

On Sunday, 9th July, I attended a workshop at Hitchin Lavender.

A really lovely venue, with refreshments and a sprig of knitted lavender to take home.

I was tempted to try the lavender pattern, but, with only two hours of workshop, opted for a simple poppy.

A poppy had been planned to go on my newly knitted bag, so it was good to work towards a definite goal.

I had all the pieces knitted at the end of two hours, thanks to Susie. The assembly had to wait until today.

I'm fairly pleased with the result. As with many of my projects, my lack of decent sewing skills let me down.

I haven't decided if I should thread the stem through the basket weave, to sit between the front of the bag and it's lining, or sew it to the front.

Given the aforesaid sewing skills, perhaps threading through and securing inside may be best?

Then I just have to finish knitting the inner lining and base of the bag.

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