Monday, 16 February 2015

'Tis the Year of the Sheep

and I am learning a new skills.

I've booked myself in to a Weaving Course.

I found a lovely little Heddle Weaving Loom on e-bay and bought it with a little of the proceeds of selling some yarn from my Posh Stash. I also bought two lots of yarn for knitting ponchos with the Paypal balance, but that's another story. My little loom should arrive on Chinese New Year's Day.

I've always wanted to learn to weave. I suppose coming from a Northern City that was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, it was in the genes.

My little loom is a Spears' Children's Loom. These were made in the 1950s, when children were often given fully-working versions of the 'real thing'.

It comes complete with an Instruction Booklet, which satisfies my childhood desire for a Meccano Set - something that was frowned upon in the 1950s and 1960s, as it was a boy's toy.

It will need a lot of room for the warping board. I may use my artist's easel and ask MWNN to make me a warping board that I can use on that.It sounds as though measuring the yarn for warping could be added into my gym schedule.

Lots of new things to learn in this Year of the Sheep.

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