Saturday, 20 November 2010

Ar milliún fáilte roimh

I'm loving the colours on the trees this year. According to a report on the BBC, it's been the most colourful autumn since 1929.

I've been knitting (so what's new, I hear you ask?) with a skein of Posh Yarn called 'Keepsake'. The yarn was destined to become a pair of socks, but I couldn't bear to hide this colour away. So I 'frogged' the sock I was working on and made a cowl for the winter. I've enough yarn left to knit a hat.

This is a fabulous colour (the photos don't do it justice but this one is the closest). It's vibrant and rich and lifts my mood just to look at it, in much the same way the trees did earlier this month. The colour is the result of the magic touch of Tony Bamford of Posh Yarn.

Project details on Ravelry. The name means 'a million welcomes' (in honour of the Ravelry milestone last weekend.

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